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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does EverQuote do?

We know that finding the right insurance can be challenging. There are many coverage options, complex pricing and dozens of insurance companies to choose from. EverQuote works to save you time and money by providing a single starting point for insurance shopping. We've saved consumers an average of $536 a year on auto insurance, based on a survey we conducted in 2017. Based on this, we estimate we've saved consumers more than $2 billion over the last seven years.

We can help you find auto, home and life insurance.

How does EverQuote work?

After you fill out a simple online form, our technology matches you to relevant options.

You may receive quotes via phone or email from local insurance agents in your area who represent some of the best insurance companies nationwide. You can decide how you want agents to contact you. Our technology uses the information you provide to match you to insurers that can meet your needs.

The agents can answer any questions you have about coverage, and assist you in finding an insurance policy that has the coverage you want and that can save you money. Additionally, many insurance companies now provide online quoting for users who prefer self-service.

How much does EverQuote cost?

EverQuote service is free to consumers.

How long does the process take?

Filling out the form is quick and easy. It takes less than two minutes. You will begin receiving quotes from local agents usually within minutes of your request. Additionally, getting online quotes from insurers takes only a small additional investment of time for each one. These insurers typically provide a quote at the end of their online forms.

When will I be contacted with my quotes?

Contact from insurers and local agents typically begins within minutes of your submission. Filling out additional requests for online quotes from insurers typically produces a result within minutes for each form, or provides further contact information to proceed via phone or email.

Is EverQuote legit?

Yes, EverQuote is a legitimate corporation. In fact, EverQuote operates the largest online marketplace for insurance shopping in the U.S. We have handled over 35 million quote requests from consumers. Our employees are dedicated to helping you save time and money.

Is EverQuote a publicly traded company?

Yes, EverQuote, Inc. stock is publicly traded on the Nasdaq Global Market under the symbol EVER.

How will my information be used?

The information you provide will be shared with insurance agents and insurance companies that intend to assist you with insurance quotes and coverage information. We will not sell or redistribute your information to any other third party other than in compliance with our Privacy Policy.

Is EverQuote a scam?

No, EverQuote uses data science to match you with relevant insurance providers. We work with over 160 insurance companies and over 7,000 agents to provide a range of ways to match you with opportunities to save on insurance.

Contacting insurance companies one by one is time-consuming and frustrating. One of our goals is to reshape the way consumers shop for insurance. We want your experience to be easy and money-saving.

Where is EverQuote located?

EverQuote's headquarters are in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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